Posted in Presentations by LoveLiza on December 3, 2007



Dear LoveLiza,

Last week I was asked to go to a presentation with my boss on behalf of my colleague who had fallen ill. As I was not part of the design team that had originally worked on this particular presentation, it was my first time to have a look at it while my boss was presenting. To my great shock I thought the presentation was hideous, the spacing was appalling, the typography was crudely placed, to say the least it was a mess! And to top it all up as my boss was stretching out to point to the screen presentation I noticed his zip was undone and a glimpse of his purple boxer shorts were peeking out. I was devastated and was really not sure how to catch his eye in order to indicate his sorry state!
What is worst is that this seems to be a habit as rumors in the studio suggest. How do you think we can put an end to this?

Designer in distress, UK


Dear Distressed,

I suggest you keep quiet. This might be the secret strategy that your boss employs in order to distract his clients from having a good look at his poor presentations.


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