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Dear LoveLiza,

I am working in an internationally renowned design studio for the last four years as a senior management creative project leader and focus on brand managing. I work very closely with my team but lately I have noticed, I have a tendency to work too closely with the young junior designer. For example he seems to have trouble with the short cuts on his key board, and as a senior management creative project leader I feel responsible in teaching him these basic facts. But the more time I spend with him I fear I am finding him slightly too attractive and spend too much time lingering over his long lean fingers than concentrating on the short cuts. Is there any tip you can give me so that I can concentrate on my job?

Senior Management Creative Project Leader


Dear Senior Management Creative Project Leader,

I suggest you literally concentrate on the short cuts – if you shorten your job title to ‘Leader’ that will at least get the message across that you are not interested in teaching him keyboard short cuts.


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