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Dear LoveLiza,

I recently came to the conclusion, that I am addicted to Googling myself. It started with my promotion to Senior Creative, in a nationally known studio then 2 years later I was approached by an international studio to become an Associate Director and since 3 weeks I have been offered Partnership, which means my Google entries have soared. In 5 years I went from 12 entries to 24.200. I am in the top 50 designers with the most entries and I know because I have Googled all AGI members. But I have a feeling all this is getting out of hand. I Google myself at least 3 times a day and if I see my entry numbers decrease by even a couple I start panicking and sometimes it crosses my mind to change jobs in order to increase the entries. I think I need a solution to my Google addiction.

Partner, New York


Dear Partner,

Why don’t you try Yahoo for a change.


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