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Dear LoveLiza,

My son has just applied to an Art school as he wants to become a designer. I’m very unhappy as I’d rather he choose for a proper and lucrative career such as an investment banker or corporate lawyer. Design is all very nice and ‘creative’, but I can’t have my son growing up to become a penniless bohemian. Could you please suggest some arguments I can use to change his mind.

Thank you, A concerned mother


Dear Loving Mother,

Step 1.
Immediately submerge yourself in the subject of ‘Design’ by reading every magazine and book you can get a hold of. And with your determination you will be a ‘Design’ connoisseur in less then a month.

Step 2.
Encourage your son as much as possible to choose for ‘Design’. Give him tips on what he should read. Come up with ideas with things he can design. Just simply shower him with your knowledge!

Step 3.
You will notice a change in him within the next couple of months.


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