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Dear LoveLiza

I am a budding graphic designer and have been running my own studio for the last 3 years. A year ago I received a magnificent commission to design the commemorative book for the National Dance Theater. This has been such a great opportunity as the Dance Theater is known internationally and it attracts hundreds of followers every year. And what was even better in the initial briefing the director made it very clear that I had complete freedom and to quote him directly he said ‘I want this book to win every design award, I want this book to be remembered for centuries’

But to my biggest disappointment since my first sketch I have made nothing but changes. Every week I receive a new alteration – Change the concept, change the size, change the typography, change the images, change the colour, change the paper. It has changed from commemorative book to Ikea catalogue (and that’s not even the idea), what shall I do?

Designer, Europe


Dear Novice,

Don’t all designers strive for change. You can also change, change the client.


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