Posted in Design, Prediction, Typography by LoveLiza on January 1, 2011


Dear LoveLiza

I am a type fanatic and always on the look out for new typefaces. Can you predict what the new trends for typography will be this year?

Designer, New Jersey

Dear Designer,

The Economy slowly picks up this year and the usage of system fonts such as Courier, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, and Tahoma will slow down in the first quarter.

As budgets slightly move by spring we see an influx of new Serifs coming from Europe sweeping from the East and over to the Scandinavian countries.

By the summer temperatures rise world wide and the new Serifs become curvier and the Sans starting adding more body.

Designers will become more and more tired of the ongoing austerity plans of governments and as a reflex will use bolder, fatter, thicker weights and extreme sizes.

This trend will splurge over to the East coast and all across the States and the year will end with the great discovery of a new typeface that appears to be  ‘Blacker than Black’!