The mix of applied design, research and observations makes me happy being in the field of design.

Currently I am Host and Co-founder of Typeradio, a podcast station on type and design and Creative Director at Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam, a unique design studio that focuses on visual identity.

I began my education at Parsons School of Design, Paris, and continued with a masters at the Royal College of Art, London, followed up by working at Pentagram, for several years.

With firm roots in design, I am always curious in investigating the various aspects of it.

A collaborative project with Underware and Dbxl, we initiated and co-host Typeradio, the radio and podcastry station on type and design with a continuously growing archive of more than 400 interviews of designers from all around the world, and a current count of 5000 listeners daily.

Studio Dumbar
A great studio to be part of. Collaborating with designers and clients from all over the world.

Letters to LoveLiza
A column where I give advise to desperate designers from all round the world.

Books LoveLiza
An ongoing registration and review of all my books.

Design Rhymes
And this goes without saying is a succession of pathetic rhymes about design.

For more intimate details, here is an interview with Base, Part1 and Part2.

For more factual details, Linkedin

Liza Enebeis


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