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Dear LoveLiza

I am about to graduate and I really want to become a famous graphic designer. Can you give me some advice before I start my career?

Student, Mainz


Dear Adolescent,

This is a very common question and there is no easy answer so I took the liberty to consult Professor Powers who has experience in this matter. The following list is an indication of just a few things that will guarantee you success.

Change your family status: Become a footballers wife or become a daughter of a famous hotel owner

Think big: Steal large – this always makes the headline news

Reintroduce streaking in a different context other than the football field: maybe your next presentation

Discover something new: land or species

Find a cure: just save as many lives as possible

Change your name: Four letters and slightly Swedish always works

Change your attitude: self centered, egotistic and pretentious preferably all at the same time

Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer

Accessorise: iphone, ipad, ianything

Communicate: Twitter like crazy and if you have nothing to say just retweet and retweet again make sure you are on top of that list. And of course don’t forget all other platforms. I think faxing is also coming back.

And don’t forget your first project will define your design style. We recommend you design and publish a retrospective book about your life and design career as soon as you graduate.




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Dear LoveLiza,

I’m having a relationship with a very attractive man at work. I think we’re both falling in love. Problem is: I think he is an awful graphic designer. I mean, who’s using Blur nowadays anymore!?! Should I tell him and build a proper relationship on honesty and trust? Or should I just keep it as a meaningless sexual fling?

Designer in Love, London


Dear Design Lover,

Keep it as short as possible, judging from your letter and your knowledge of type trends, this could ruin your reputation. In the case that you have no will power or its far too late when you read this, I suggest stick it out, I am sure the Blured trend will return sooner than you think.



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Dear LoveLiza,

I think I might be developing a real allergy for Helvetica. I have tried practically everything. I watched the film, bought the mug, the t-shirt, the note pad, and the only time I can remember using it was when it was the corporate typeface of a company I used to work for, and that was bad enough. I just can’t warm up to it, and I find it very hard to talk to anyone about this, I would loose all respect from friends and colleagues. Please help!

Anonymous, Europe


Dear Sans Serif Connoisseur,

I’m glad you wrote. Hating Helvetica must be terrible. It seems like something you have no control over. The fact that you have acknowledged your problem and have seeked for help is already proof to your level of intelligence and willingness to change. You can now take the next step forward. Start with using Akzidenz-Grotesk, and after a few months make the big step.




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Dear LoveLiza,

I am 43 years old and a very talented designer, my whole family gives me tremendous support and are great admirers of my design work. This gives me the push to send my work every year to national and international competitions, but I never win, why is it that none of the judges see my talent?

Star Designer, Milano


Dear Mr. Talent,

Why don’t you try getting your mother to be part of the jury, she seems to have the talent of being very convincing. Has she ever considered talent spotting as a profession?



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Dear LoveLiza,

I am working in an internationally renowned design studio for the last four years as a senior management creative project leader and focus on brand managing. I work very closely with my team but lately I have noticed, I have a tendency to work too closely with the young junior designer. For example he seems to have trouble with the short cuts on his key board, and as a senior management creative project leader I feel responsible in teaching him these basic facts. But the more time I spend with him I fear I am finding him slightly too attractive and spend too much time lingering over his long lean fingers than concentrating on the short cuts. Is there any tip you can give me so that I can concentrate on my job?

Senior Management Creative Project Leader


Dear Senior Management Creative Project Leader,

I suggest you literally concentrate on the short cuts – if you shorten your job title to ‘Leader’ that will at least get the message across that you are not interested in teaching him keyboard short cuts.