Posted in Pitch, Presentations by LoveLiza on January 13, 2008



Dear LoveLiza,

We have been invited alongside another 5 other studios to participate in a pitch for a cultural client and have been given 2 weeks to make a proposal. Time seems to be flying by and now we have 72 hours left till the presentation. So far we have loads of sketches, with millions of ideas but none seem to jump out at you. I am getting more anxious by the minute, just the idea of having such a great opportunity to do something for the arts makes me more nervous to the point that I really have no clue how to solve this, and knowing that the other studios pitching are some of the best in the country makes me even more worried.

Creative Art Director, Amsterdam


Dear Creative,

A cultural client has asked for a pitch with 6 design studios might be cultural but is definitely not cultured.